Monday, December 8, 2008

My shocking gas station experience

I had an experience that was so unique (at least for me) I felt it was worth sharing. I leave work on Sunday and decide it is about time to fill the tank with gas. So as I am close to the Ashland on ramp I decided to stop by the Shell station there even though they were a little higher than Medford it was more convenient. I have filled up many times before here however up until now I have stooped at the island closest to the road. For whatever reason I pull into the island closest to the building and ask the attendant to fill it up as I go inside to get a cup of coffee. When I get to the counter the attendant tells my the total is $34.63 (sound a little high since gas has gone down but maybe I added wrong in my head. After paying I thank the outside attendant and get in my car. One last double check, as it does not sit quite right with me, to the price on the pump. $3.06 per gallon wait a minute the sign on the road says $2.06 so I ask the attendant. $3.06 per gallon? HE explains to me I pulled into the full service island where they wash you windows and stuff but that I could talk to the cashier. Obviously people have had problems like this before because all I had to do was mention the price and he refunded the difference.

$1.00 per gallon for full service I think still quite appalled as I drive away. Oh yea the window is still very dirty. -Jacob

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  1. For that price I think that they should have washed it our cleaned the inside or something! (: Guess that you won't be pulling into that lane again...