Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What our kids are up to now

Ethan is eight months old now, and he is all over the place. He can crawl really fast now and no matter how clean the floors are he can find something to shove in his mouth. Then when I pry his mouth open and take away whatever it is that he has decided was going to be his next meal he screams at the top of his lungs and looks at me like I am the meanest person in the world.
On top of that he has decided that the mini blinds on the front windows are wonderful toys, he will crawl over to the windows, only stopping for a brief moment to pull all the shoes off the rack, then pulls himself up and starts shaking the blinds. I tell him "No Ethan" to which he turns his head and smiles at me.

With Brendan we are working on potty training. Every time he goes potty in the toilet he tells me daddy's gonna be proud of me.
When ever we are out in town he will ask us where we are going and I will tell him we are going home to which he responds "I don't want to go home. I want to go to our new house". No matter how many times I've explained that our new house is our home.

Today Aleigha read three sentences for school. She was so proud of herself she had to talk to Jacob on the phone to tell him about it. She is also trying to plan her birthday party which is not until May, but she has already decided what kind of cake she wants, where she wants the party to be, and who is coming (now that's planning ahead).

Tyler has gotten more into reading lately; though he would still rather be out side riding his scooter or bicycle. Yesterday he got 100% on his math test. He says his favorite subject right now is science which doesn't surprise me because he is really into bugs right now. The other day there was a daddy long legged spider crawling across the floor and I told the kids to kill it for me and he told me mom it's ok and then went over and picked it up with his bare hands and took it out side.

Karissa made friends with a girl who lives next door, so she spends quite a bit of her free time playing with her. Her favorite thing to do right now is reading and has been for quite sometime. She also loves to cook and help out in the kitchen.

Austin also enjoys reading and cooking. He just made some chocolate chip cookies for us that were very yummy! He also has made friends with a neighbor boy who is the same age as him. Austin is growing very fast and is now just over 5'4 inches. Lately his favorite thing to do is to play Jacob's new wii.

I just wanted to kinda keep in touch with everyone and let you all know what the kiddos have been doing since we moved. They seem to be enjoying themselves here. I will try to keep everyone posted as to how we are doing. Hope everyone else is doing well also. -Angie

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  1. Hi! Can't belive that Austin has gotten taller than me. I knew it was coming, but...
    It's been great having you close for a while!