Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Mini Vacation

We went to the Running Y Ranch this last week thanks to Christian and Sheri!!! We stayed for two nights and had a wonderful time. While we were there we went ice skating. Jacob and I have only been ice skating a couple of times and Austin has only been once but this was the first time for the rest of the kids. They all had a blast! Even Brendan skated for a while with Jacob or I helping him (we took turns skating and sitting out holding Ethan). Every one, except me (Ha Ha) fell at least once. When Jacob fell a nice old lady skated over to see if he was alright.
We also tried our hand at tennis and spent more time chasing after balls than we did hitting them back and forth, but it was fun. Jacob ended up playing with Ethan in the front pack. The kids also played on the playground, air hockey, pool, and a few arcade games.
The kids wanted to go swimming as soon as we got to the resort. They had a pretty big pool with a hot tub and a little tiny wading pool which Ethan loved. Jacob taught Brendan how to jump off the edge of the pool into his arms.
Our room had a balcony that over looked the brown golf course (yes, even the golf courses in Klamath Falls are brown), and on the second day we were there we saw 3 bald Eagles soaring in the sky and then land down by the pond. It was really awesome.
We had a wonderful time and wish we could have stayed longer. Now Brendan no longer wants to go to our “new home” he wants to go to “our hotel”.
Jacob took some pics while we were there so when he gets around to it we will have some photos here to show you.

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