Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finally another post

Ok So I know it has been forever since I have posted anything SORRY!!!! Lots of things have happened since my last post. For instance in my last post I mentioned that Ethan had gotten his first tooth. Well now he has 4 and 2 more on the way. Also he took his first steps two days after I wrote that post and now he is toddling around like crazy and getting into absolutely everything. He can also say bath, ball, and bye-bye, as well as mama and dada.
Jacob has been really busy at work setting up the new store which is supposed to open very soon. It is looking really great inside!
We are getting close to the end of our school year YEA!! Only 34 more days! Karissa has her 3rd grade test coming up on the 19th. When I went to order our books for next year I discovered that they are changing the 4th grade program for next year so if I want all the younger kids’ 4th grade school books to coincide with my teachers manuals I already have I have to buy them all this year. So with all my teachers manuals for 7th grade and the kids books for next year + fourth grade for Tyler, Aleigha, Brendan, and Ethan my total came to $635.50 (No I did not type that wrong). Crazy huh! They really need to come out with vouchers for homeschoolers!!!!
We have gotten alot of work done out in our front yard, and our grass we planted is starting to grow!! It will be great having it look nice out front instead of just dirt weeds and rocks.
Well I had better go find out what all my kiddos are up to. I will try and post things more frequently in the future, (no promises. -Angie

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