Saturday, May 9, 2009

Aleigha is 5!!!!

Yesterday was Aleigha's 5Th Birthday! She will not have her birthday party until the 17th but we still did somethings to make her day special. For breakfast she wanted to have eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast, and orange juice. Then she wanted to take a bubble bath with her new Strawberry Shortcake bubble bath, then put on lotion, get her nails painted, have her hair done, and put on lip gloss (she is such a girl). Some good friends of ours called and sang her happy birthday, which she was thrilled about. We had to go to an app. and when we came home she helped me bake her cake. For lunch she wanted to have toasted cheese sandwiches and watermelon. Jacob came home on his lunch break and brought her a bouquet of flowers. She was so excited about that!!!! While Jacob was still home for lunch we did the cake and ice cream. After that she wanted to go to the park and then the library. For dinner we picked up pizza and had more cake and ice cream. Her Grandpa and Grandma Parmer called and sang her Happy Birthday. Then we watched a movie we rented My little ponies (Jacob and Austin were very excited about that).
I can't believe she is already 5 years old! Time flies by so fast. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEIGHA!!!

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