Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Fun

On Father's day we made Jacob omlets, with hashbrowns, toast, and orange juice. After breakfast the kids gave Jacob his present which was a hunting game for his WII that he has been hinting about wanting for quite some time. Then we headed off to church and after wards went to Collier State Park to go fishing and have a bbq down by the beautiful crystal clear creek. After loosing multiple hooks Jacob decide we should try a different spot down the creek where there is a bridge so we packed up all our stuff and headed off toward the bridge. Aleigha, Brendan, and Ethan were pretty much done fishing so I took them over to play on the swings for a little while. On our walk back to the bridge Aleigha saw a plastic bag blowing away so she ran after it and grabbed it. While she was walking back I noticed a little prairie dog walking around in circles like it was hurt. We got closer and the poor little thing was panting and completely stunned like it had no idea what had hit him. Apparently Aleigha accidently kicked him on her way to grab the bag. He was really cute and let us get within 2 feet of him. He sat there for quite awhile until Aleigha tried to put grass on him to make him a nest and he took off running.
No one caught anything (unless you count moss) but they sure had a lot of fun trying! After that we headed home for another barbecue, this time steak, and for dessert Jacob's favorite cherry cheesecake.

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