Saturday, September 19, 2009

A great Visit

Today was a great day for visiting. My Dad, Mom, Grandma, and Nephew Matthew all made the trec over the hill just to see us (I think the grandkids are a big draw). We had a great time visiting and since this was the first time my Grandma has been here, we showed her around the house. It is funny that likely the next time she visits we will show her our new house as well (although we will own that one).
Of course since last time my parents visited we hooked them on the Wii, we turned it on again. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun playing even though I won everytime :).
Angie prepared an awsome feast including her famous (at least to us) BBQ pork sandwiches and those delicious seasoned potatoes. The cap to the meal was PIE! Blackberry and Apple WOW! I do belive this was the best blackberry pie I have ever eaten. Man she is amazing.
After they left we chilled for a while and then went to play tennis and work off some of those calories. Quite the full day.
As I write this I am reminded of just how much God has blessed me. He has provided me with a loving family, wonderful children, and most of all salvation and a real relationship knowing him. It pains me to see so many people wandering this world without him or maybe even worse telling themselves that they do know their god (little g) but not really having a connection to the creator by the ONLY way possible... Trust in Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross. Yes that is right "It is finished" do not add anything else to it. It is not believe on Jesus and got to___ or believe in Jesus and do ______ . Romans 10:9 proclaims Believe on him and Confess and tho shall be saved. God is Good!

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