Friday, October 23, 2009


This afternoon I was sitting in the living room making a dinner and shopping list for the next week so that we could go shopping when Jacob got home from work. Austin and his friend Truman were playing the wii while Brendan and Ethan were watching them. Karissa, Tyler, and Aleigha, were outside playing with their friend Kaylee, when Karissa came in and asked if I cared if they all came in to play a game. I told her that would be fine. So she ran out to tell them all to come in. Just then my phone rang so I answered it and it was Jacob he was on his way home from Medford (he had a classes over there both yesterday and today). We had just started talking when Tyler came up to me crying. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he fell and hit his knee. I looked down at his leg and began pulling up his pant leg I noticed that they were not ripped and there wasn't any blood on them so I thought to myself that is was probably just a little scraped up. Then I got his pant leg up. His knee had a deep cut in it so I quickly told Jake I needed to go and would call him back. I continued examining the cut and I thought I could see the bone of his knee cap, but it started to bleed just a little bit so that I couldn't tell if that was what I really saw. I took a picture of it and sent it to Jacob to see if I should take him to the ER or just call the DR. and see if they could fix it. The picture didn't turn out very well so I decided to call the DR. It was 4:55 and they were going to be closing in 5 min. so she suggested I go ahead and take him to the ER but I asked if there was an Urgent Care I could take him to instead since it wasn't bleeding very bad at all. She said that there were a lot of Urgent Care places in Klamath Falls but that there was only one she would recommend. I got my kids all ready to go and had Karissa pack some books, crayons, and coloring books to entertain them since I figured we would be there for a while. I put a big bandage on Tyler's knee then we headed off. We got there and checked in and the receptionist handed me the paperwork to fill out. I handed Ethan to Austin to hold but he started freaking out and only wanting me to hold him so I had to fill out the paperwork while holding him. When we were called back I left Austin, Karissa, and Aleigha in the waiting room and told Austin to read books to Aleigha until I came back. The nurses looked at Tyler's knee and said "Wow, that is a good one, How did you do that?" They were quite surprised to find out it happened on flat pavement and not on a rock. They cleaned it up and then left us to wait for the doctor.  I peeked out at my kids in the waiting room and they were sitting there just as they were told reading their books. Brendan was in the room with us sitting on a chair reading a cooking magazine being very good and patient for a three year old. Ethan was done though he keep pointing at the door and saying door then fussing. I realized then that the poor kid hadn't eaten anything since lunch time and was probably hungry since he usually has a snack around 4 or 5 and I hadn't brought anything for him.:(  The doctor came in and checked out Tyler's knee and the nurse explained that they were going to give him a shot in his knee. She then gave him 3 stitches. He watched the whole thing. They were very surprised at how brave he was and told us it is usually the little girls who are tough and boys are the ones who cry; and that it gets worse the older they get. He said it was the 6' guys that weigh over 200lbs. that pass out. When they were done the nurse told Tyler that he couldn't do dishes, laundry, vacuuming, or clean his room for at least 1 week Then asked him if there were any other chores he could get him out of, but Tyler said no. They told me that my kids were very well behaved and were surprised that Brendan would sit over in the chair for so long being so good. We went back out to the receptionist to pay our bill and just then Jacob walked through the door. The receptionist told me that Austin, Karissa, and Aleigha were so good and so quiet she kept forgetting they were there, and that she was amazed at how well they were behaved. So that made my day. By this time it was after 7 o'clock so we grabbed Pappa Murphy's pizza and headed home. Jacob told me I should post the picture on here for all of you to see but I think I will spare you that.  -Angie

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  1. WOW!! PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEE tell me your secret. (said in the most pleading voice that I can make) i can't get isaac to sit still ANYWHERE!! Let alone Noah. WOW!! Also your kids are getting so big. I just saw the picture and they are all so grown up!! So cute. I can't wait to see them this Christmas. OH and I hope tyler feels better soon. give them all hugs from us!!