Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wii need to get fit

   We bought a wii fit with money we were given for Christmas. It has been a blast working out lately. If you have been considering getting one I highly recommend it for a fun work out.  There are two problems with it though
1 on a regular wii you get to choose how fat or skinny you get to make your mii but on wii fit it takes your height and weight and makes your mii for you so now I have a fat little mii.
2 the first day I did my body test I had been sick and not eating much then the next time I took my test it said I had gained weight and it gave me some guesses as to why I had gained weight. Well I had to choose one and being sick is not one of them so I just clicked on snacking. Well later on as me and Jacob were looking at my chart my mii kept saying I've been snacking!
So if you don't mind it telling you you need to loose weight or mind it making fun of you for snacking too much then go for it it really is tons of fun.

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