Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun with Star

  The last post I wrote was about our two new little calves. Well sad to say Bright died three days after we got them. Which was a total surprise to us because he was doing really well and always was ready to eat when we went out there. Where Star on the other hand was sick from day one and sometimes had to be forced to eat. Jacob went out to check on them to see how Star was doing and he said Bright was up and jumping around like normal. Then two hours later when I went out to check on Star, Bright was dead. Star continued to have to be forced to eat and we even ended up putting him on antibiotics. He is better now though and up and jumping around. This morning I sent Austin and Tyler out to feed him and a little while later Karissa who was watching through the glass door told me that Star had tried to get out and got stuck in a pallet . I looked out to see and Star's head and front legs were stuck though a pallet and Austin and Tyler were trying to figure out how to get him out. It was quite comical. I quickly got a sweatshirt and shoes on but by the time I got out there they already had him out and he was lying on the ground wondering what had happened. Apparently when his bottle was empty he decided he was not done eating and when Tyler took the bottle out of his pen he decided he was going as well.
  We have been having a lot of fun with him and since I had been spending so much time out with him force feeding him and trying to coax him to eat. I told Jacob we couldn't eat him now, To which he replied "Oh yes we are!"   So I'd better start calling him steak again :). 

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