Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What is That?


What is that? That is what we were wondering when we saw it. It is on a mountain near where we live so we decided to hike up and find out.  Though we’re still not sure what it is for.


Jacob and the kids hiking up the road.


We made it.


I took this picture of a paw print I saw up there. It is as big as the palm of my hand (I have  big hands).  There were no claw marks so I was wondering if maybe it was a cougar??


The view from the top. Very pretty. We could see our house from up there.


Our beautiful girls!


Instead of going back down the road Jacob decided we needed to climb back down the side because it would be shorter. You can’t really tell from the picture but he is carrying Ethan in the backpack and Brendan in his arms. He carried them like that all the way down!

I took more pictures but I took them with my phone since I left my camera at home and the rest didn’t turn out.


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