Friday, June 25, 2010

Insulated Water Bottle Holders

DSCI1378 DSCI1377

I made the kids these water bottle holders. They love them and have been carrying them everywhere. It is really cute and makes me happy that they like them so much! They are insulated with Insulbrite so hopefully that will help to keep them cold. I found the material for the girl’s bottles the other day and loved them so picked them up and let them choose which one they wanted. Karissa chose the brown and green and Aleigha chose brown and pink. I made Brendan and Ethan’s out of material I had left over from the diaper bag I made a while back. Brendan’s is the dark brown with blue and yellow polka dots and Ethan is the brown yellow and blue stripes. Austin and Tyler were much harder to find material for. When I bought the girl’s material I looked for something for them but had a very hard time so I decided I would take them shopping with me and they could pick one out for themselves. We found the camouflage one for Austin and for Tyler the red one with white stars.


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  1. Missy and I loved these. She made her own version already, but I was wondering... do you have a pattern??