Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today while I was fixing dinner Karissa came into the kitchen and started telling me about a girl in her class at church who has been rude to her and her teachers. She was sad about it and so we talked about it for a few min. I asked her if she had prayed for her and she said yes and asked me if I could pray for her too. I told her yes and asked her if she wanted to pray for her right then. She said yes and so we prayed for the girl and her family. Karissa went off to finish up her school work and I continued to fix dinner when about 10 min. later she came back and said “Mom do you think I could invite her over to play sometime.” I told her that that would be a good idea she walked off smiling and my heart was filled with joy to see the Lord working in my little girl. GOD IS SO GOOD!


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