Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vacation Day 2

The main reason we had gone to Portland was to take the kids to the zoo for an end of the school year trip. They had all chosen one animal to do a report on in school and now we were going to go see those animals.

Jacob wanted to get to the zoo as soon it opened so that we could feed the Lorikeets while they were still hungry so he looked on line to find out what time the zoo opened and also found out that it just so happened to be $2 day at the zoo.  Which was great except it ended up being really busy since everyone else decided to go to the zoo for $2 day.

The zoo opened at 8 so we got up at 6, quickly got everyone in the car, grabbed our picnic lunch to take, and headed off to Krispy Kreme doughnuts to get some hot original glazed doughnuts for breakfast. YUM!

We made it the zoo a couple min. after opening and quickly went straight to Lorikeet Landing but it was still closed.  We waited around for a few min. until a zoo keeper walked by and found out that the exhibit  didn’t open until 9 a.m. so we decided to check out a few other exhibits while waiting and discovered a lot of exhibits are not open until 9 so we decided to take the time to get sun screen on everyone while we waited.

DSCI1231Jacob did this.

While we were waiting someone pointed out this cute little squirrel in the trash can. He had climbed in and pulled out this huge cookie and was trying to unwrap it. We watched him for quite a while.


Here the kids are watching for tigers.

DSCI1233 DSCI1234

Here is Aleigha at the penguins the animal she chose for her report.

DSCI1246 DSCI1244

We went back to Lorikeet Landing at 9 and the exhibit was opened but they don’t open up for you to feed them until 9:30, so once again we left and came back at the right time.

DSCI1247 DSCI1252 DSCI1253

DSCI1255 DSCI1257

Tyler chose lizards so here he is with one behind him.

DSCI1260 DSCI1261

DSCI1273 DSCI1274

Austin with the lions.


The kids loved playing on this truck…

DSCI1301 DSCI1303

and this wall.

DSCI1309 DSCI1310 DSCI1312 DSCI1313 DSCI1314

Karissa chose the anaconda for her report but we couldn’t get a good picture so we also took one with this anaconda head they had.

DSCI1317 DSCI1308

Brendan with the elephant.


How the kids measure up to bears.


Taking a break.


We stayed at the zoo until closing time. Then took the kids to Chucky Cheese for dinner. The kids were really excited because the last time we were there Aleigha was 8mo. old so its been awhile. They had a great time playing all the games. When we left it was starting to turn dark and it was raining.


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