Friday, June 18, 2010

Vacation Day 3

  I woke up early in the morning to water dripping on my head. Not the greatest way to wake up and noticed Jacob’s and my sleeping bag was quite wet between us. There was a constant drip coming from the roof of the tent. I sat up to see if I could see anymore drips falling but it looked like it was only getting Jacob and I so I laid back down to get some more sleep.
Later when everyone was awake we noticed a couple sleeping bags were damp but decided we were not going to let a little rain spoil our fun and that we could just take the sleeping bags to the laundry mat to get them dried. Jacob went out and set up our covered shelter so that we could make breakfast. After breakfast the rain had pretty much stopped so we decided to go check out the Bonneville Dam.
DSCI1320DSCI1321 DSCI1324 DSCI1323 One of the old turbines.
We were hoping to go on a tour of the powerhouse but unfortunately they had a bunch of school field trips so they were not doing tours that day. We were able to go see the fish coming up the fish ladders through an underwater viewing glass. There were tons of Shad coming through that day so that was pretty cool to watch.
After the dam we went to the locks to see if we could see any boats going through.   
DSCI1329 DSCI1330
DSCI1326 DSCI1332
From there we headed to the fish hatchery to see the sturgeon.
I was unable to get a good picture of the actual fish but the biggest sturgeon they have here is 10 feet long! He is huge! They can grow up to 20 feet in length so he is actually just a little guy yikes! Think about that the next time you go swimming in the river :)
DSCI1340 DSCI1341
Here is one of the trout ponds they have. They have a couple of places where you can feed the trout but I didn’t get any pictures of the kids feeding them because I was too busy making sure the little guys didn’t fall in.
DSCI1346 This is a drinking fountain. The kids loved it.

Pretending to be fountains.
DSCI1351 DSCI1349
While we were walking back to our car it started pouring so we had to run. We then noticed it was 2:00 and we hadn’t fed our kids lunch yet and we needed to go to the store to pick up some more ice. The closest store was across the river in Washington so we drove over grabbed Subway for lunch. Then headed back to camp to grab the sleeping bags to dry. When we got there we left the kiddos in the car since it was still raining and went to grab our stuff. I went over to the girls part of the tent and discovered that their stuff had become soaked so I went to check out everyone else's and they were all soaked as well with the exception of Ethan’s because he happened to be in the middle of the tent. Tyler’s sleeping bag had a puddle underneath it! Jacob and I talked about it and decided to pack it all up and head home since it was supposed to continue raining for the next 2 days. So that is what we did. We quickly packed up everything and headed home. We drove from Hood River down through Bend and it was a gorgeous drive. There are huge canyons and giant plateaus. We even got to see a brilliant double rainbow! We stopped in Madras (I think that is how you spell it) to grab Taco Bell for dinner, and arrived home at around 11:00.  The next day we took the kids for another bike ride on the OC&E line here in Klamath Falls and then just hung out. On Friday we took them to a museum in the morning came home and had lunch then took them to Grants Pass where they stayed two nights with my parents and Jacob and I came home and hung out just the two of us. That was the first time we have had a night alone in over 2 years! We had a great time but we really missed our kids and were happy to pick them up again Sunday afternoon! Jacob was off Monday and Tuesday as well (Monday was our 13th wedding anniversary!) It was great having him off for so many days! We didn’t take any pictures for the rest of his time off 
except this one… DSCI1358
It is a cheesecake I made for Jacob on our anniversary. It is made from a recipe his dad gave me with fresh strawberrys from my mom and dad’s strawberry patch. It was so yummy! We had it for dessert after a wonderful dinner Jacob made of BBQ steak, shrimp, and chicken, with grilled bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. It was all marinated in a really yummy sauce. I want more just thinking about it!
Well that was the end of our vacation. Hope you enjoy all the pictures!

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