Wednesday, June 16, 2010


  I am going to do post once a day to show you our vacation so you don’t get too overloaded with pictures. 

Day 1

Jacob wanted us to leave the house at 4:30 in the morning so that the kids (mainly Ethan) would sleep for most of the way there.  I was not real excited about getting up so early but was going to do it anyway and then Jacob and I had a very hard time sleeping so we ended up getting up at 3:30 and leaving the house at 4:15!

DSCI1171All packed up


DSCI1179Vista House at Crown Point

We traveled along the Historic Columbia River Highway and stopped here to check it out and see the view.

DSCI1177 DSCI1182DSCI1181

DSCI1175  DSCI1176


Continuing along the highway we drove past many gorgeous waterfalls like these…

DSCI1183 DSCI1184 taken from our car window.

We stopped to hike to the top of this one (can’t remember the name). It was so beautiful but we didn’t stay near the top for long and I put my camera away because we were getting wet from the spray.

DSCI1187 DSCI1190

Ethan didn’t like his face getting wet the other kids all thought it was awesome but since we were camping I didn’t want them to get too cold.

Then we stopped at Multnomah Falls

DSCI1193 DSCI1194

I couldn’t get a good picture of the top of the falls because the sun was shining behind it but it was gorgeous!

DSCI1198 DSCI1200

We hiked up to the bridge and walked across then quickly came back because once again we were getting wet.

After Multnomah Falls we headed off to find a campsite.

DSCI1201 DSCI1202

DSCI1203 DSCI1204

DSCI1207 DSCI1206

There were only a couple of other campers there and we could see the whole loop from our campsite so Austin, Karissa, Tyler, and Aleigha had a blast riding around the loop. Brendan has a tag-a-long bike attached to the back of Jacob’s bike and I have a baby seat for Ethan on mine so we all got to have fun riding around.

We bought Aleigha a new bike for her birthday and she hadn’t had much time to ride it before this. It had training wheels on it and Jacob decided to take them off while we were camping. He helped her for about 5 min. then let her try on her own pretty soon she was riding along with everyone else.


Jacob cooked us a really yummy dinner.

DSCI1211 DSCI1210 Barbeque Chicken and Spuds


After dinner we started our new camping tradition of making ice cream!

DSCI1213 DSCI1212

DSCI1218 DSCI1223

This new tradition came about because the last time we made homemade ice cream I commented about it being so easy you could make it while camping. Well that was all my ice cream loving husband needed to hear to decide that this should be our new camping tradition so there you have it. YUM!


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