Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aleigha Broke Her Arm

Yesterday Aleigha came in the house crying that she had hurt her arm so I looked it over and it didn't look broken so I thought she had just sprained it. For the rest of the day she was being very careful with it and not playing around like she normally would so I got online to find out the symptoms of a broken arm. Most sites said that there would be lots of swelling but she didn't have any. I called Jacob and he agreed with me that it was probably just sprained and he said he would look at it when he got home. When he did get home and looked at it and because she could move it without much pain and it still hadn't swollen we decided to wait until today to see if she was feeling any better. 
This morning she came in and woke me up and was still complaining about it hurting and it looked slightly swollen (though hard to tell). So I got up and got dressed and called the doctors office and they said that if I could bring her in before 10 they were having a walk in clinic. So I left the other kids here at home and Aleigha and I set off for the Dr. 
While we were waiting in the waiting room Aleigha said to me my arm doesn't hurt anymore and she went over and was playing with the toys. When they called us back she was happy and smiling and even climbed up onto the table herself although she didn't use her arm much. When the doctor came in and examined it he said that a lot of the time kids break their arms you cannot tell by looking at them that they are broken but because she had so much mobility he didn't think it was broken but that he couldn't be sure without an x-ray so they sent us to the hospital.
While we were at the hospital Aleigha was her happy joyful self and when I saw the x-rays I couldn't tell that any thing was wrong with them. We left there and came back home to wait to see if the doctor would call us back. While we were at home Aleigha went out onto the back deck and she tripped over a squirt gun and landed on her arm. She came in the house and was crying really bad. She finally calmed down and about 10min. later the nurse calls me to tell me that she had indeed fractured it and needed to come back in to have a splint put on. I told her about Aleigha falling on it and she said the reason it hurt so bad is because it is broken. So we drove back to the doctors office and the nurse came into the waiting room and says "I hate to do this to you but I am going to have to have you go back to the hospital to get more X-rays because she fell on it again. Just in case she made it worse and needs to have a full cast put on".  So once again we headed to the hospital to get x-rays. When we were done there I took Aleigha to McDonald's to buy her a happy meal and then came back home to wait for the doctor to call us again.  About an hour later she called back and Aleigha and I took our third trip to the doctor's office today where they put on the splint in the picture above.

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