Monday, October 4, 2010


I know it has been forever since I posted anything (a few days shy of a month to be exact). Sorry. We started back to school the last week in August and have our schedule down pretty well now. Except for on days like today where we ended up getting a late start. We normally start at 7:30, but today we didn't get started until almost 9. Then around 10:30 Austin walked into the kitchen and said "Mom, there is water pouring out of the fridge." I looked and sure enough there was water coming out from under the fridge, and a small section of it was blue. I had the kids grab a bunch of old towels and I grabbed my phone to call Jacob while trying to figure out where it was coming from. Jacob told me to take off the bottom front grate thingy (yes that is the technical name for it I'm sure, though that is not what he called it) and see if I could tell where the water was coming from. I couldn't quite see where, but he told me it was most likely from the ice maker and that behind the fridge was a spout to turn it off. So I hung up with him and quickly set to cleaning off the top of my fridge (no small task today as that seems to be the place I have decided to put every thing I don't know what to do with) so that nothing would fall on my head or in the water while moving the fridge. The kids helped me pull it out and we could see that the water was coming from a grate at the bottom of the fridge. I turned off the spout and sure enough that was the issue. I got all the water back there mopped up and cleaned up all the cobwebs (there were quite a few as we haven't moved the fridge since we moved in almost a year ago). We put the fridge back and underneath it was a picture one of the kids had colored with markers which explains the blue water. Then I had to put away all the stuff that I had taken off the fridge and put it away where it should go (only a few things went back on top the fridge :)  that's better right??? ). Wash the towels and finally got back to school.
Anyways I will TRY to post more on here I promise (please note the emphasis on 'try').
There is another post under this one I just put on here a few minutes ago so scroll down or check under older posts. :) Hope you are all enjoying your day and that nothing happens to your ice maker :)

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