Saturday, October 16, 2010

The real reason we have 6 kids :)

Today we had a great day (at least I did by the last picture I  am not too sure Angie did). Being new to the Klamath Basin we are not yet totally aware of some of their strange customs but we heard about the annual Potato festival in Merrill and decided to check it out. And yes I did say Potato festival. Saturday was the parade and after a fairly meager parade in Klamath I did not expect too much but I was pleasantly surprised. The parade lasted over an hour and while the floats we more basic than larger city’s parades they were still interesting.

Now on to the title of this post… I found out that this small town parade is big into candy and the kids got a TON of candy thrown their way (This is the reason for the funny title). For any that do not know me that is a total joke! Having 6 kids is truly a blessing and I enjoy very much their personalities and company! Here is a pic of the loot they got (And of course shared with their dad)

DSCI1440 Since we were already in Merrill we decided to go through the wildlife refuge in Tule Lake . There are SO many birds around and it was a great drive (with a few short hikes along the way)

DSCI1441 DSCI1444 DSCI1447

And also a Tomato

DSCI1443We finished off the day by going for a pleasant walk on a trail of a massive battleground Captain Jack’s Stronghold. You can check it out here if you are interested. . We were not really interested in this place until we went but it is actually pretty cool.

DSCI1486  This pose was to pretend like we were in a stronghold :)  (Notice Angie’s hand) (I Love you too!)

Well another great day! The Lord has so blessed our family with each other. We love to spend time together and just hang out.


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