Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree and decorated it the second week of December but I haven’t gotten any pictures of it on here yet so I thought I would get that done before Christmas is over and done with. Apparently we didn’t take any pictures of it when we were finished and with the kids and dogs it doesn’t look the same now so I am not going to add one now, but here are some pics of us in the process.              


Jacob putting on the lights, Tyler putting hooks on the ornaments, and Ethan holding the bag of bells for the other kids.


All the kids putting hooks on the bells.


Ethan and Aleigha


Brendan stretching to hang it as high as possible and Karissa.


Tyler and Austin


Austin with a bright red nose and Karissa with a pointy one.


Me with ornament earrings



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