Monday, August 22, 2011

Karissa is 11!

Back in June Karissa turned 11. Jacob and I took her out for breakfast at Elmer’s restaurant. She wanted to have a picnic lunch and go for a hike for her birthday. So we packed up a lunch of bologna sandwiches, grapes, chips, and soda, (all her choice) and headed to the Tulelake wildlife refuge. When we finished our hike we went to her Uncle Adam and Aunt Jamie’s house to pick up her birthday present.


This is Karissa with Marshmallow. Karissa was so excited to get her. Marshmallow is an awesome kitten. She loves dogs and kids. When you pick her up she immediately starts purring.

We came home from there and had “Western Bacon Cheeseburgers” and fries and Karissa chose a turtle cake for dessert. It had caramel and pecans in it. YUM!


Karissa you are such a sweet and beautiful girl! We love you and are so proud of you!


Garden Pics

Here are some pictures of our garden I took last month. It has grown a ton since these were taken. Please ignore the weeds. SmileIMG_20110811_103158

Our one and only sunflower that survived the dog knocking them off the porch before we transplanted them.


Our corn is as tall as me now and even has small ears on a few stalks.


Purple cabbage


Green cabbage. This head is actually big enough to pick now! I think we will be having Chinese Chicken Salad tomorrow. Yum!


3 of our tomato plants. These all have quite a few tomatoes on them. We are just waiting for them to ripen.

We also planted, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, cantaloupe, onions, squash, watermelon, a French cantaloupe that I can’t remember the name of, and cucumber. So far we have harvested some lettuce, spinach, and a large handful of cherry tomatoes. My watermelon quit growing when I planted it outside, my squash hasn’t grown much, and my cucumber Karissa accidentally stepped on, but everything else is doing quite well. Oh, and our strawberries we planted last year are doing great!


Klamath Air Show

We took the kids to the Klamath Air Show a few weeks back and I wanted to post some pics even though they didn’t turn out that great. One of the coolest things about living in Klamath Falls has to be watching the F-15’s fly, which they do all the time, so it was great to get to see them up close.IMG_20110723_133225


They are so loud, and when they would turn around you could feel the heat from the engines rush over you.

I didn’t get any pictures of them flying Sad smile but we got some of the kids sitting in them.










Some of the other cool planes they had there.