Thursday, January 7, 2010

Maroon oranges???

   We bought some really good oranges from the store the other day. In fact they were so yummy we have gone back 2 more times to get more. Well I was in the living room when Karissa said to me "Mom, this is the juiciest orange I have ever eaten!" I glanced up at her and smiled and was about to say they are good aren't they when to my horror I see that the flesh of her orange is maroon. I freaked out and took it away from her and asked her "Why would you eat this?" My first thought was that it was spoiled, but upon closer examination it looked just fine and smelled fine but was maroon. Still horrified that my daughter would eat something with out questioning why it looked funny I put it in a zip lock bag and put it in the fridge and decided I would look it up online when I had more time. In the mean time Jacob came home from work to have lunch so I showed it to him. He was freaked about Karissa eating it too, and promptly looked it up on line. The was not much to find out except that it could possibly be what is called a Blood Orange. So the next time we went to the store Jacob had to ask and yes, they do sell Blood Oranges there. I wish I had taken a picture to show you though you may all have heard of them before but this was something totally new to us. -Angie


  1. that is pretty funny.We just bought some accidentally but Glenn new what they were. The kids thought they were interesting. The funny part was when my cousin Melissa came over and had never had one before. she came into the living room with this horrified look on her face and said "Michelle, what is this?". I told her a blood orange with a matter of fact tone. she went in to kitchen and ate it. pretty funny. How are you and your family enjoying klamath falls?. What church are you going to? My cousin Alene goes to the Calvary chapel. Hope everything is well, i hear my kids see you once and awhile. thank you for being Lil angels for my kids. love in Christ. Michelle and family.

  2. That is funny. We go to Calvary Chapel too. Thanks for commenting on our blog. :)