Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That is laughable!


Of course we are Christians so we raise our children as unto the Lord teaching them his absolute truth and true wisdom. So our kids know that some of the worlds concepts are off or completely inaccurate.

The other day one of our songs was playing titled “Evolution of the Heart” The song proclaims “I believe in evolution of the heart, That God could take a cold stone and give  a man a brand new heart” The intention is that the only evolution that is true is God’s transformation of our lives through his son Jesus Christ. So Tyler comes out of the bedroom after hearing this song and says “Mom, is evolution bad”? We often discuss how man created this concept with absolutely no proof or even a hint of proof (If you think that is an uninformed understanding send me an email and we will discuss). He knew we do not believe in evolution (Yes it is  a belief) so that is why he asked about it.

Now the best part…. Angie explains what the song is talking about and what some believe about evolution. He busted out in disbelieving laughter at the thought that people believe that. This was the type of laughter he gives me when he knows I am pulling his leg.  Out of the mouths of babes….


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  1. You guys are wonderful parents. The Lord has His hands upon you!