Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow

I took some pictures of our snow this morning with my phone and sent them to my blog but they haven’t shown up yet. So here are a few more I took with my camera.DSCI1551

I love this one of the icicles hanging off the eves.




On the road there is only about 2-3 inches but underneath it is a sheet of ice. In the drifts the snow is up to a foot deep. I know I shouldn’t be writing this on my blog because when my mother-in-law sees this post she is going to decide that they shouldn’t come for Thanksgiving but tomorrow it is not supposed to snow and on Thursday it is supposed to be sunny. The roads should clear up from that Sue!!!!


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  1. Wow. We washed our car today since it was in the 80s. :)