Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ethan turned 3!!!

Our youngest child Ethan turned 3 last Saturday. Jacob had to work that day so we celebrated on Friday. Ethan chose to go to Jack in the Box for breakfast. We went shopping afterwards and bought him a new big boy bike.DSCI1864

Riding his new bike in the driveway.

For lunch he wanted hotdogs so Jacob threw some on the barbeque. That afternoon Tyler made some homemade bubbles for Ethan to play with.


I took tons of pictures but the wind was blowing and no matter how hard I tried I didn’t get one picture with a bubble in it. Smile

Ethan sloshed some bubbles in his eye while carrying them in the house. I rinsed it our as well as I could but his eye ended up getting really red. Poor guy!


For dinner it was homemade pizza while watching Curious George 2.

A few weeks before I asked him what kind of a cake he wanted, even showing him a few pictures of some really cute cakes but all he would tell me is he wanted an orange cake. I had seen a recipe about a pineapple orange cake and asked him if he wanted that and he said yes. It turned out so yummy that we decided to serve it at Aleigha, Brendan, and Ethan’s birthday party later that weekend (I will add pictures from the party later).


Happy Birthday Ethan!!!  Now please slow down because you are growing up way too fast!

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