Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brendan’s Birthday!

Our son Brendan turned 5 last week. Yep, three kids with birthdays in May. That’s a lot of cake. He wanted to go to Jack in the Box for breakfast too, so that is where he, Jacob, and I headed first thing in the morning.

And yes, like someone asked me on Facebook, he got a bike too.


He was able to ride it a little outside but then it started raining so I let him bring it inside and ride around in the living room and office. Smile

For lunch he wanted to have crunch wraps so Karissa helped me make them for him. After lunch he played the Wii and watched the first Curious George. He chose barbeque pizza for dinner, and a carrot cake shaped like a dinosaur for dessert.


It is hard to believe he could be 5 and going into kindergarten next year!


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