Friday, July 10, 2009

My Crazy Evening

Yesterday evening I was getting my kids (not including Austin and Tyler who are at Grandma’s this week) ready to go to take the girls to Vacation Bible School and to pick up Jacob from work (his car isn’t working right now). We were all ready (on time) and I asked Karissa to check to see if my phone and keys were in my purse. She checked and found my phone and then asked what else she was supposed to be looking for. I told her my keys and she said “OH, Ethan had those earlier and was carrying them around.” I had every one start looking for them, but we couldn’t find them anywhere. I then remembered that there was a key in the glove box of the car so I asked Karissa to go check to see if the car was unlocked. She ran out to check and called back to me that it was unlocked so I grabbed my purse, Aleigha, Brendan, and Ethan and headed out the door locking it behind me. I told Karissa to get in and get buckled but she said “Mom, I don’t have any shoes on.” She had taken them off to look around the house for my keys since we don’t allow shoes on the carpet and had run out to the car barefoot to see if it was unlocked. I told her to go check to see if the back door was unlocked so she ran around back and a few minutes later came out the front door with shoes on her feet. So now that everyone is finally in the car and buckled I open the glove box and find the spare key and try starting the car, but it won’t work. I keep trying and remember that this must be the key that didn’t work very well when we bought the car so Jacob had it replaced. I tell the kids that I will be right back because I need to go back in and see if I can find my keys but Karissa says “I locked the door.” I ask her if she locked the back door too and she says Yes it is supposed to be locked. So I grab the spare key again and keep trying to start the car. A few min. later I call Jacob and tell him what happened and he tells me there is a special way you have to do it so I keep trying but nothing is helping. I call Jacob back and he says hold on I will be right there. I tell him it is fine we can wait until he gets off but he insists on coming right away. I then inform the girls that they will not be going to VBS tonight because they will be too late. They are very bummed about it, and I tell them maybe we should pray about it, so we all pray and then I keep trying the key finally the car starts, so I call Jacob back and let him know so he can head back to work. The girls were very happy and said, yea the Lord answered our prayer. So we head off for VBS and somehow only end up being 2 min. late (no I did not speed). I do leave my car running while dropping the girls off because I don’t want to have to do that again. That night when we get home I look around again for my keys and find them sitting on the top of the toys in the toy box. - Angie

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