Sunday, June 7, 2009


This might look like a cute furry little creature but you would not think so if you had found him as I did....
As I was driving home from work I saw my oil light come on and some smoke coming from under the hood. Uh-oh I thought as I pulled the car immediately over to the side of the road. This car was purchased for economy and not because it was a cool car. It is a 1983 Honda Civic with many miles on the engine so loosing a little oil now and then is not such a big deal however the smoke added to that was a big concern. So I jump out of the car and carefully open the hood from the side that is not smoking and as I slowly lift the hood watching the other side I notice something strange. A big ball of fur cuddled up right next to the battery which also happened to be next to my hand. I quickly dropped the hood and found a stick to open the hood back up. Apparently the warm engine compartment was irresistible to this little (10 lb.) rockchuck (Marmot) at least until it really started to heat up. The smoke was from his fur so I am sure the adventure was less pleasant for him then me despite the fact that he took quite a bit of poking for him to be persuaded to leave the car. I am certain it was quite the spectacle as people drove by watching me poke under the hood with a stick but I am also certain it is not the strangest thing they have seen in Klamath Falls!

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