Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby sitting

Well we are baby sitting 2 of my brother Adam’s little ones. Let me tell you these are two of the most spoiled ill-mannered I have ever been around. When they eat they literally head butt you when they want more. They poop just about everywhere and will not listen to a single thing they are told. I do not know exactly how Adam and Jamie have been raising them but let me tell you it is not producing the result I would like to see. There one redeeming quality is that they are rather cute but we will see if they make it through life that way. I would guess they don’t make it 2 more years before they get shipped off. For some reason this program is placing the picture way down below the post so scroll down to see a few pics from their first day with us.


























DSCI0886 DSCI0887 DSCI0888 DSCI0889


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